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Creating an open and independent environment where people travel to places fairly and timely.
- CarTugabane mission statement

After realizing the high volume of car owners who drive unaccompanied in their cars back and forth to different destinations across the country, there was need to do something that not only reduced traffic on the road, but also cut car emissions through sharing. On their trip around Europe in 2017, 2 best friends adopted a system that would help curb the situation back home. This led to the formation of a car sharing/ carpooling service company CarTugabane.

CarTugabane TODAY
We are the only car sharing/ carpooling service provider in Uganda. Through ICT use, our aim is to improve transport services and travel experiences for care sharers in our community to ease travelling. We also environmentalists whole believe that car sharing reduces volume of traffic on the road, hence fulfilling the goal of cutting car emissions while saving the planet.

CarTugabane service bridges the gap between the driver and the passenger. Drivers advertise a specific trip/journey indicating details pertaining number of seats available, cost per seat, point of pick up, time of departure, and drop off point. Interested passengers will therein book (online booking) available seats to share the trip with the specific driver.

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