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Frequently Asked Questions

SignUp & Login

Go to the website or App, find sign up and register as a user (passenger) or a car owner (driver). You'll input your username and password (store your password safely as you'll need it while signing in/login).

On the website or App, find sign in/Login to signin using your Username and password.

My Profile/ Account

Here you add your personal information inluding sex, age, telephone etc.

Go to profile and click on edit or click on the photo itself to edit the photo. Finish by clicking update.

After signing in as a driver, click driver panel and add the car details, inlcuding the color, licence plate and insurance photo.

The driver sets these depending on what works for them and the passengers have to abide by them. These are displayed on the driver profile. The driver adds them by clicking profile and then the driver panel.

They are added by clicking profile and ''add language'' One can add all the languages they're comfortable communicating in.

After acquiring good reviews and ratings above 4.6 one becomes a super driver or passenger and an ICON will be displayed on your profile.

Messages and Notification

They'll come directly onto the phone number that you used while signing up whenever a driver posts a ride and booking is made.

They'll come directly onto the email address that you used while signing up whenever a driver posts a ride and booking is made.

These will show up in cases of reminders for payment (incases of cash payments to drivers) and promotions.

Safety & Insurance

Always make sure that you board the car that you booked for and that driver is indeed the same as on the booking. during the trip, always keep the seat belt fastened.

The cars will have always have a third party insurance but not mandatory to have comprehensive insurance.

Most main roads have a speed limit and the drivers have to follow road signs and regulations.

In any case of such, the driver is responsible for their cars and the passengers for themselves.

About CarTugabane

With our Android and iOS Apps, download them from the Google play store and App store respectively. The applications are easy to use and free for download.

Get All info about cartugabane here

Dont hesitate to contact us here

Mobile Money & Payments

We've partnered with both MTN Uganda and AIRTEL Uganda to handle payments through mobile money and airtel money. All you have to day is book a ride and pay through the platform.

Using your credit/debit cards, you can pay for your ride. All information is kept confidential and protected

Directly pay cash to your driver for the specific trip/route. This is monitored by the system and it is safe.

After arriving to your destination, the driver is paid the total fee for trip minus the charge. This process takes up to 24hrs or more depending on the service from our service providers.

These are availed to the passengers in case the driver cancels a ride within 24hrs before departure. No refunds are given to passengers who cancel their bookings 24hrs before the ride.

This applys to drivers who receive cash payments from passengers. The drivers in this senario have to pay the total charge for the entire trip to CarTugabane.

Adding rides

Here, please go to the ''add ride'' and include the route, ride date and departure time. Finish by pressing add ride.

Find the added ride and press ''edit'' here you can change the price, date and time. This is possible before 24hrs to the ride.

While adding a ride, you can set a price for the trip. TIP; Do not set the price too high as no passengers might book with you.

This is indicated by the driver as the ride is being posted. The passenger will know where the stops will be. Alternatively, this can be agreed upon by both parties (driver and passengers).

The driver here by sets the regulations that he/she feels make the driving environment condusive. This is very vital in keeping the car users safe.

After adding or booking a ride, the users get a notification either by sms or emails or even both.

Booking Rides

On the dash board, click ''Search Ride'' followed by inputting the pick up and drop off points and the dates. Alternatively, all rides can be viewed by clicking ''All Rides''.

By clicking ''All Rides'' you will view all avaible rides for that day and following couple of days.

After the passenger has selected a ride, they book that specific ride by either paying for it using mobile payments, credit/debit cards or choose the pay cash options. After doing this, one receives a notification by sms or email. The driver will as well receive a notification for being booked.

Both the passenger and driver can get in touch by sms, calls or whatsapp using the provided number on the platform.

After adding or booking a ride, the users get a notification either by sms or emails or even both.

Journey Cancellations

The driver can cancel the ride due to any inevitable situation. this is possible ONLY 48hrs before the ride. When this happens there's a refund to the passengers and driver not charged. Though if the cancelation is less than 48hrs to the ride, the driver is charged and it reflects on thier account.

A passenger can choose to cancel their booking for a certain ride. with cancelations 24 hrs before the trip, the passengers get a refund. With cancelations of less than 24hrs to the trip, there's no refunds.

The driver can choose to cancel a specific passenger willingly from the trip but can only do so within 24hrs.

In any case a passenger doesn't cancel a ride and do not show up at the agreed time, no refund will be availed. In cases where drivers do not show, they'll be penalized and might lose their account on the platform. Here the passengers get a refund minus the charge.

With the ride, booking canceled, a notification will appear on your device.

Ratings and Reviews

After your ride is complete, both the driver and the passenger can write a review on how it's been like driving with each other. These reviews will show up on both their profiles.

You can rate either the driver or passenger by clicking on the stars. This will as well be displayed on their profiles.

On both driver and passenger profiles, the stars at the bottom will indicate the ratings and by clicking ''reviews'', all reviews are displayed.