Share a ride with CarTugabane

Your Safety

Insured trip

The existing car insurance from the driver covers any ride sharers. Passengers contribute to fuel costs and the drivers do not make any profit from their journeys. Check with your insurance company for motor comprehensive coverage.

Experience of members

On every driver and passenger profiles, CarTugabane shows the number of rides they have undertaken, how long you have been a member and cancellations. Choose who to share a ride with based on their experience and profile.

CarTugabane members have all been verified through their phone numbers, email addresses and National IDs/ Driving Permit for car owners.

Travel partner:

You decide who ride shares with you by viewing member profiles. You can also view social media profiles for members that have shared on their profiles.

Help and support

We have a support team to help members on a daily basis.

Reviews and Ratings

Review and Rate your passenger or driver for the benefit of all members. When choosing who to travel with, view what others say about their experience with them.

Communicate after bookings

CarTugabane shares contact details after your booking. Passengers and drivers can view each others contact details. Get in touch with each other before the journey so that you plan the trip and also get to know each other.

Review comments

All comments on reviews are moderated to mantain behaviour and civility between all members.

Car Owner/ Driver

  • Contact passenger: After every booking, CarTugabane shares contact details between you and the passenger. Communicate to plan the ride.
  • Speed: Travel at average speed recommended on the roads. You can also discus with passengers to agree on car speed.
  • Drink drive: Do not drink and drive. This creates danger for everybody.
  • Car condition: Make sure your car is in good conditions for the journey.
  • Drivers Permit and insurance: Always have your driving permit/ licence with you at all times. In addition your car should have valid insurance. CarTugabane verifies that all cars have insurance.

Manage your safety by wearing car Seat-Belts, checking for identification and monitoring the journey. The following tips are specific to car owners and passengers.


  • Contact car owner: After booking a ride, CarTugabane shares contact details between you and the driver. Communicate to plan the ride and journey together.
  • Luggage: Confirm with the driver how much luggage you can cary and make sure its safely stored.
  • Travelling with kids: Confirm with the driver about travelling with kids.
  • Drink drive: Make sure you travel with a sober driver. No Drinking and Driving!
  • Co-driving: Keep the driver alert by being a wonderfull co-driver throughout the journey. Keep each other entertained and not distructed.
  • Rest points: Plan and suggest rest points along your long distance journey. These break points can be helpfull for refreshments, meals and preventing dizziness.
  • Drive share: In case of driver emergencies, help with driving if you can. Travel with your driving permit so that you can assist with driving. Remember it is a long distance journey so the driver can/ might get tired and requires your help.